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About Us

By exceeding expectations, we believe in serving our customers the best way and save their precious time. Moreover, you can enjoy more speed, control, flexibility, superior network and awesome experience with our hosting services. OceanoHost is the first-choice VPS Hosting and dedicated server provider across the globe.

Mission, Vision, and Values

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Our Mission

First of all, we stand for the best hosting service, reliability, convenience and high quality standards. In particular, our mission is to work hard every day to provide you superior quality services and the best possible hosting experience!

Our Vision

Through our commitment to service excellence, we are delivering an exceptional experience. Our vision is to become the world’s most loved hosting provider and build the best products and solutions to each and every one around the globe.

Our Philosophy

It's all about the experience. By understanding and optimizing the customer journey, we deliver a great customer experience. In addition, we strive to add and maintain a genuine personal touch with all customers to keep them happy.

Our Values

At OceanoHost, we believe in importance of being honest and open with all of our customers. Equally important, we strive to develop and provide our customers with hosting products and services which exceed their expectations.

Why Choose OceanoHost

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World-Class Data Centers

Our data centers are built according to world-class hosting standards and latest technology innovations. We use premium revolutionary hardware and software to provide outstanding security, power, speed and connectivity.

Focused on Speed

We care about our clients. We understand our clients. It’s our goal to provide fast, informative support assistance to our customers. We greatly appreciate your time. We ALWAYS respond quickly to our client needs and questions.

Easy Migrations

Transferring your website can be stressful and time-consuming. With our migration service, you can seamlessly move your website and databases to OceanoHost. Let our team of experts fully handle your migration!

Ultimate Security

We’re dedicated to providing ultra reliable hosting solutions. We focus on keeping your data safe and secure. We do everything to ensure your hosting environment, site, servers is always protected from potential cyber threats.

Advanced Services

We understand the importance of custom hosting solutions. Our tech experts are always pleased to assist you with any hosting requirements and demands. We pride ourselves on providing superior hosting on a personal level.

Unmatched Support

At OceanoHost, we always do our best to make our customers happy. This is why our friendly and knowledgeable technical support team is ready to assist you with all your hosting needs. We’re here, and we’d love to help!